Loss Prevention

Whether it’s identifying employee or customer theft, conducting sophisticated covert surveillance, or providing integrity analyses of employees, vendors, and business personnel, Al Rossy Investigations is the expert in Corporate Loss Prevention.  Our team of professionals can make a thorough examination of your facility or business and initiate a new, or troubleshoot an existing, Loss Prevention Program. Our loss prevention investigations are run according to your businesses needs. We can run undercover investigations anywhere in New Jersey, New York and Florida.

When it comes to identifying the source of loss within your business, finding the right investigative professionals is extremely important. There are times when hiring an undercover investigator is necessary and you want to ensure that you’ve hired someone you can rely on and trust.

At Al Rossy Investigations we have over 35 years of experience and are licensed, fully bonded and insured. We offer a wide variety of investigative services including undercover investigations, loss prevention, background investigations and pre-employment screening. We also offer armed security guards for occasions when you can’t predict the outcome or don’t know who will appear. Approaching an employee or customer about theft can be a tough situation and can sometimes lead to violence. At times, having a security guard present can prevent the situation from escalating. Loss prevention in New Jersey and all over the United States has become a service that is needed more and more. In situations where background investigations or pre-employment screening isn’t done, loss prevention services are more frequent.

If you’re looking for professional undercover investigations, Al Rossy Investigations is here to help. Whether you’re looking to determine if your customers are stealing or if it’s an inside job, we have you covered. We provide an analysis of employees, vendors, business personnel and are experts in corporate loss prevention in New Jersey. Our team of professionals will make a thorough examination of your facility or business and initiate a new loss prevention program. If you already have a loss prevention program established in your  business, we will redevelop it to increase the performance.

If you’re looking for loss prevention services, undercover investigators or an armed escort, call Al Rossy Investigations today!

We also offer the following services:

  • Celebrity Protection / Armed Escorts
  • Armed School Officers
  • Integrity Management
  • Risk Analysis
  • Undercover Investigations
    • Employee or Customer Theft
    • Narcotics Usage
  • Background Investigations
    • Pre-employment Screening
    • Social Security Verification
    • Criminal History
    • Motor Vehicle Records
    • Skip-Tracing
    • Witness Location
      • Liens, Suits and Judgments
    • Property Ownership
    • Due Diligence
      • Corporate or Personal
    • Professional License Search
  • Surveillances
    • Covert and Overt
  • Video and Still Photographic Documentation
  • Shopping Services & Integrity Evaluations
  • Electronic Countermeasures
  • Executive Protection