You CAN handle the truth and you deserve it!  Knowing the truth enables you to make informed decisions. “Knowledge is power” in both business life and personal life.  So, get the facts.  If you are suspicious about your spouse’s activity, why wouldn’t you pursue an investigation that tells you the facts?

Ask Yourself

Is your spouse spending too much time on the internet?  Does he/she have two cell phones?  Is your spouse secretive about work hours?  All of a sudden buying new clothes or joining a gym?  Disinterested in having sex with you?  Some signs are obvious of an extra-marital affair; others are not.  Either way, finding out offers a piece of mind in many ways.  For example, do I divorce or try to fix the marriage?  Do I secure evidence of infidelity prior to confronting my spouse with my suspicions?  Is it safe having sex with my spouse if he/she is having sex with someone else?

By securing evidence, you can at least skip the “denial” stage or the outright lies told by your spouse.  Getting the facts may enable some forward progress in your decision-making.

Often times, we are hired to find out the facts of infidelity so one party can blame the other party for the breakup or to save face to family members, in-laws, etc.  Sometimes, it is the proverbial “pound of flesh.”  Regardless of the reason, we get the answers. Al Rossy Investigations offers the best infidelity investigation services in New Jersey

Residency Investigation Or Proving Cohabitation

If a divorce has occurred and if there are certain clauses in the divorce degree (re:  cohabitation), letting us prove cohabitation can save you thousands or tens of thousands of dollars.  Al Rossy Investigations has proven hundreds of cohabitation cases that have met the court standard, reducing or eliminating spousal payments. Let a proven matrimonial detective help.

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